Desert Tribe

One year on from ‘A Summer Dream’, we’re back with another Maroa Official collection launch.

‘Desert Tribe’ took us to the Wild West, into the raw beauty of the Joshua Tree dessert, California. The collection is a reflection of the animal in all of us; the elegant Gazelle, the magnificent Cheetah, and as such required a completely different kind of concept to our previous projects. Rather than the script-based, story-driven productions of previous collections, I had to create something organic, animalistic, and altogether more inspired by the power of Mother Nature. So we let musicality dictate the rhythm of the piece, driving the feel and emotion of the movements, stories, and relationships within the video’s narrative.

What made it even more special, was that I got to produce it with my best friend, Brittani Cunningham. Brit and I studied film together in Paris, and instantly fell in love. Two years passed since we finished our course, and I hadn’t seen her since, so getting her to fly out from New York was a priority. Not only is she a great friend, but also a great filmmaker, and I loved every minute of it.

Check out our latest article about the ‘Desert Tribe’ shoot, written by Brittani Cunningham.




Sara-Louise Mahgoub & Brittani Cunningham


Camille Raoult


Maroa-Iren Mahgoub & Sebastian Carlos Kruse