W elcome to Leonis! A world of imagination and creativity, openness and understanding, where fantasy becomes reality. Like our symbol, the lion, we intend to take this industry by the throat, unflinching in our desire to not only create amazing pieces of film, but also to challenge norms and perceptions. You see, this is not an ordinary production company. We´re not here to beat around the bush, we`re here to tell it like it is, and we`re here to stay. Intrigued yet? Then get snooping, we don`t mind, in fact, we encourage it! Blablalbalbal Sara

Production design, short film, Sara, by Ziqi Wang.
On set of Shattered Fragments
  1. TV Documentary

    Insider - Internship at Novemberfilm

    My first job in this industry was an internship at Novemberfilm in Oslo, Norway. I was lucky enough to get to work closely with very talented industry people, in a very challenging environment, working on documentary projects as diverse as car fraud, human trafficking, and the local far-right movement. Being involved in investigative work across the projects meant experiencing truly strange and uncomfortable situations, a massive learning curve, not only professionally but also personally. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity, because it matured me dramatically, but also because it triggered my deciding that I would do everything in my power to become a filmmaker.

  2. Documentary

    Thirty Years of Love - Short film

    This short documentary is about the two most important people in my life, my parents. If there is one thing they have taught me it’s that true love really does exist, and I have been witnessing it upfront my entire life. This story will give you an insight to my personal life and where I come from. When I was asked by my film professor to make a documentary about whatever I wanted to, the choice was easy. I was going to share with the world the wonderful love story that is my parents.

  3. Documentary

    A Mi Manera - Short film

    “A Mi Manera” was also a very personal project to me for several reasons. I had the opportunity to co-produce a film with my very talented best friend Brittani Cunningham. This film is about a dear friend with a heartbreaking story, as she lost her father to suicide when she was just 10. A father that was bipolar and schizophrenic and caused the family a lot of pain. In the film we meet her today and see how she has used her pain to become the strong, independent person that she is today.

  4. Commercial

    Flowerchild - For Maroa Official

    If I didn’t say that this too is a very special and personal project of mine I would be lying. Flowerchild is the first (of many) films I collaborated with my sister on, as we shot the commercial of her first clothing line in Marrakech. We were also accompanied by my very talented friend Leonard Rääf, cinematographer and editor. Leo is an outstanding filmmaker who is already getting himself noticed in the business at a very young age. My collaborations with him are something I truly treasure. This film is breathtakingly stunning and I already look forward to working with Leo again in the future.

  5. Drama

    Earl - Short film by Thibaud Goarin

    A year after the loss of his elder brother, Josh takes up the challenge of composing a piano piece that he will perform on live-radio as an homage to Earl, his late brother: a renown jazz pianist. Whilst struggling to compose the piece, Josh experiences a vision of his deceased brother; forcing him to face his own issues and finally move on.

    Earl was a fun project for me as it was the first time I got to try out as a costume designer, which I actually turned out to enjoy quite a lot. A strong story, written and directed by the very talented Thibaud Goarin.

  6. Drama

    Under The Surface - Short film by Sofia

    Charlie just finished her degree as a makeup artist and is in desperate need of money. She still lives in her tiny student apartment and from time to time she has to share the flat with her big brother Felix – although he never contributes financially. Her incredible talent for special-effects makeup is not being seen or rewarded – not even by Felix. So she wants to prove him and his best friend, how good she is in her job – which causes unexpected consequences.

    Sofia Dillenberger is an excellent upcoming director who premiered her short film last year and I was lucky enough to get to be a part of it. Another costume design job I loved working on.

  7. Commercial

    A Summer Dream - For Maroa Official

    A year later and it was time for a new Maroa production. This year she launched her very first collection available for online purchase, and me, well I wasn’t going to sit and watch. So again I teamed up with Leonard Rääf as my cinematographer and editor, ready to take on a new and more challenging project as this film was suppose to have a more challenging storyline. Working with Leo is so much fun, and what was even more fun was getting to direct my sister, and my boyfriend at the same time. Yes, it is true; the summer dream is not real, the boy is mine, I am sorry I had to be the one to spoil it for you… But either way it’s fun to dream and get lost, isn’t it?

  8. Drama

    Shattered Fragments - Feature film

    Shattered fragments is a feature film about Anna, a single mother struggling with alcoholism who is forced to face her past in order to save her son`s future. The screenplay is written by Sara Louise Mahgoub, Thorunn Larusdottir and Jeroen Cocquyt. The three also directed the film, alongside Brahim Amzil.

    My very first feature film, alongside talented colleagues. A challenging year, but worth the struggle, as we premiered at the Sitges Film Festival in October 2018. And for that, this will forever be a very special film to me.

Script Writing

Scriptwriting was always my favourite subject at film school. It was the one thing that always allowed me complete freedom. Up to this point I have written two short film scripts and one feature length script, and this is only the beginning..


I always felt comfortable in the Director's seat. Experimenting with different departments along the way only showed me how eager I was to get back into that seat again.

Production Design

Being a Production Designer is definitely hard. It's also one of the jobs I find most interesting and challenging, and if you know me, you know I never turn down a challenge…


Costume design is one of the most fun roles I've had, and why do you think that is? Because dressing people is so much damn fun! The first costume job I did was for the short film, Earl, which was based in New York in the 60´s. Need I say more?!